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Welcome to DrugSens:
Revolutionising Drug Testing

At DrugSens, we're pioneering a breakthrough in drug testing technology. Our innovative chip technology, offers a rapid and confirmatory drug testing solution, capable of analysing small samples within minutes at near point of collection


About Us

DrugSens is leading the way in a groundbreaking era of drug testing technology. With a distinguished team of experienced researchers at our core, we are redefining the landscape of drug testing solutions.

Our company, driven by a deep commitment to providing accurate and reliable results in the detection of illicit substances. Through extensive research and development, we have harnessed established technology to create a solution that sets new standards in the field. Our technology is rigorously tested and validated, ensuring that our solutions meet the highest industry standards.

In a world where the stakes are high, DrugSens aims to deliver unmatched illicit drug testing technology backed by a legacy of research and expertise. Join us in our mission to create safer, more secure environments for communities worldwide.


Our Technology

When we introduce a substance into our bodies, our metabolic processes convert it into secondary chemicals called metabolites. These metabolites can be found in bodily fluids like blood, urine, saliva, and sweat, serving as specific indicators of the substances ingested. Conventional drug tests follow a similar principle, screening for both drugs and their metabolites in these fluids.

DrugSens' team of researchers has pioneered a revolutionary, non-invasive technology capable of detecting drug metabolites in minuscule volumes of bodily fluids (measured in microlitres) in an exceptionally short timeframe, including sample preparation, typically requiring just a few minutes. Through the dependable application of MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry, DrugSens' state-of-the-art patented nanostructured silicon chips, specially treated for enhanced performance, enable the rapid detection of tiny drug molecules.

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Our Advantages

Our breakthrough technology introduces a nano-coated substrate that dramatically enhances the detection of a wide range of drugs using DIOS. This substrate can be utilised near the point of sample collection from saliva, providing a rapid, confirmatory testing option in laboratory settings.

Expanded Drug Detection

DrugSens significantly broadens the range of detectable drugs compared to current DIOS systems.

Swift Results

Our technology yields faster results, enabling prompt decision-making.

Streamlined Testing Process

Eliminating the need for a two-stage testing process reduces time and costs.

Less Invasive Testing

DrugSens offers a less invasive alternative, allowing testing on oral fluid and potentially breath samples.


Cost Efficiency

DrugSens promises lower testing expenses, making it accessible and affordable.

Faster Analysis Time

MALDI-TOF MS has a shorter analysis time compared to GC/MS and LC/MS which is vital, particularly in emergency medical scenarios or roadside testing.



DrugSens revolutionises drug detection technology, offering a versatile solution with wide-ranging applications. From law enforcement and workplace testing to healthcare and rehabilitation centers, DrugSens empowers diverse industries with rapid and accurate drug screening capabilities. With its streamlined approach and cost-effective nature, DrugSens is poised to shape a safer and more secure future across a spectrum of sectors.

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Forensic Science and Law Enforcement

DrugSens significantly broadens the range of detectable drugs compared to current DIOS systems.

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Healthcare and Clinical Settings

DrugSens can be utilised in healthcare facilities for timely diagnosis and monitoring of drug-related conditions, ensuring appropriate medical interventions and treatment plans

Medical Research and Clinical Trials

DrugSens technology can be applied in medical research to monitor drug usage and compliance in clinical trials, ensuring accurate data collection and analysis.

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Workplace Drug Testing

DrugSens offers employers a reliable and efficient solution for on-site drug testing, ensuring a safe and drug-free work environment.

Customs and Border Control

DrugSens assists customs and border control agencies in detecting and intercepting illicit drugs at ports of entry, contributing to national and international security efforts.

Transportation and Safety

DrugSens assists in ensuring the safety of transportation industries by providing efficient drug testing solutions for pilots, drivers, and other safety-sensitive personnel.

Doctor and Patient
Rehabilitation Centers and Treatment Facilities

DrugSens promises lower testing expenses, making it accessible and affordable.

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Sports and Athletics

DrugSens supports anti-doping efforts by providing accurate and timely drug testing for athletes, maintaining fairness and integrity in sports competitions.

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Prisons and Correctional Facilities

DrugSens aids in maintaining security and rehabilitation efforts within correctional facilities by providing accurate and timely drug testing for inmates.

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